Customs Value Cut for iPhone 14 Plus in Pakistan, Check Details

In a groundbreaking move, the Directorate General of Customs Valuation in Islamabad has recently revamped the customs values of various used and refurbished mobile phones, prominently featuring the Apple iPhone 14 Plus series. This significant adjustment aims to reflect the true market prices of these devices within the country, excluding import quantities.

Exploring the New Valuations:

Apple iPhone 14 Plus 128 GB:

The Customs value C&F for the Apple iPhone 14 Plus 128 GB model has seen a notable decrease, plummeting from $910 to an enticing $774 in the latest valuation released in early December 2023.

Apple iPhone 14 Plus 256 GB:

Similarly, the Customs value C&F for the Apple iPhone 14 Plus 256 GB variant has been gracefully reduced to $859 from the previous $1,010, offering consumers an attractive price adjustment.

Apple iPhone 14 Plus 512GB:

The Customs value of the top-tier Apple iPhone 14 Plus with 512GB has undergone a significant drop to $1,029 from its prior valuation of $1,210, presenting a compelling opportunity for those seeking higher storage capacities.

The directorate said that mobile phones specified in the official list shall be assessed to duty/taxes on the revised Customs Values.

The used/refurbished mobile phones imported by “bonafide passengers” shall also be assessed on the customs values given as allowance for their depreciation is also incorporated in the said tabulated values.


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