Scam Alert: PTA Raises Alarm on Fake DIRBS Messages – Protect Your Accounts Now

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued a warning to the public regarding phishing and fraudulent links circulating on Whatsapp, social media, and text messages. These deceptive links falsely claim to be associated with PTA’s Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS). In an official statement, PTA clarified that the messages circulating aim to deceive users by pretending to be official communications.

One type of message suggests that the user’s SIM is involved in “suspicious activities” and prompts the user to check the number of SIMs through a provided link. Another message warns that the user’s phone registration will be suspended unless they visit a provided link.

PTA’s Caution and Advice: PTAs warns that these tactics are designed to trick individuals into clicking on malicious links, potentially compromising their personal information. The public is strongly advised to avoid clicking on links from unknown numbers or senders and report such phone numbers/links for blocking through PTA’s complaint management system.

Official Channels for Device Status: To check the status of their devices, users are encouraged to use only official channels such as DIRBS, SMS IMEIs to 8484 from their devices, or the official Device Verification App available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Vigilance and Protection: PTA urges the public to remain vigilant and prioritize the use of official platforms and shortcodes to safeguard their personal information. By doing so, users can contribute to preventing potential phishing and fraud attempts.This cautionary statement from PTA aims to protect users from falling victim to fraudulent activities and emphasizes the importance of relying on official channels for any device-related queries or verifications.

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