How Much PTA Charge Tax on iPhone 13 Mini/ Pro & 13 Pro Max in Pakistan ? Reveled

Navigating the iPhone 13 Tax Landscape: A Deep Dive into PTA Levies

The enigma of PTA taxes on iPhones continues to be a cause for concern among many. The financial landscape becomes a maze with taxes reaching nearly half the market price for certain models, while, for others, they surpass the very value of the device. In our previous exploration, we dissected the iPhone 12  PTA taxes for all its models. Today, our focus shifts to unraveling the PTA tax intricacies surrounding the iPhone 13 Pro Max and its counterparts.

Tax Tussle: iPhone 13 Series

The Approval Conundrum

The financial toll you bear hinges on the approval method you choose. Opting for approval via your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) comes with a higher cost, while returning from abroad with a valid passport and visa might offer some relief on the approval expenses. Let’s break down the taxes for a clearer understanding in both scenarios.

iPhone 13 PTA Tax on Passport Approval

iPhone 13 Models PTA Tax (Rs.)
iPhone 13 Mini PKR 86,165
iPhone 13 PKR 90,880
iPhone 13 Pro PKR 105,658
iPhone 13 Pro Max PKR 110,373

iPhone 13 PTA Tax on CNIC Approval

iPhone 13 Models PTA Tax (Rs.)
iPhone 13 Mini PKR 107,432
iPhone 13 PKR 118,380
iPhone 13 Pro PKR 128,874
iPhone 13 Pro Max PKR 137,873

Note: The amounts provided are approximate; actual taxes may vary.

Transparency in Uncertainty

Understanding the PTA tax intricacies brings transparency to the often murky waters of iPhone acquisitions. It’s essential to be well-informed before diving into the world of taxes, ensuring a smoother journey in obtaining your desired iPhone model.

Overseas Pakistanis and Foreign Nationals Are Exempted from PTA Taxes?

An important update is that overseas Pakistanis no longer need to pay PTA taxes to register their mobile phones. The recently introduced temporary mobile registration service grants overseas Pakistanis and foreign visitors in Pakistan a 120-day period for registering their mobile devices without incurring any duties or taxes. During this time, these individuals can utilize local mobile networks on their phones.

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