How Much PTA Tax on iPhone 12 Pro Max and Other Variants in 2024

Decoding the PTA Taxes on iPhones: Unraveling the Enigma Behind the Costs

Ever pondered over the mystifying reason behind the hefty price tags on PTA-approved iPhones? It’s a real head-scratcher! The truth is, for certain iPhone models, taxes can skyrocket, sometimes doubling the phone’s base price and, in extreme cases, surpassing its market value. Fret not; we’re here to demystify the intricacies. Today, our focus is on the iPhone 12 Pro Max PTA tax and the associated levies on its counterparts.

The Tax Tale: iPhone 12 Series

Understanding Approval Methods

The amount you fork out in taxes is intricately tied to your chosen approval method. Whether you opt for approval through your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) or leverage your passport and visa upon returning from abroad, the costs can significantly vary. Let’s delve into the specifics.

iPhone 12 Mini PTA Tax Breakdown

CNIC Approval: Rs.94,078

Passport Approval: Rs.75,450

iPhone 12 PTA Tax Delineation

CNIC Approval: Rs.107,432

Passport Approval: Rs.86,165

iPhone 12 Pro Tax Insights

CNIC Approval: Rs.125,205

Passport Approval: Rs.103,335

iPhone 12 Pro Max PTA Tax Unveiled

CNIC Approval: Rs.130,708

Passport Approval: Rs.107,325


Exemption for Overseas Pakistanis and Foreign Nationals

Now, for a slice of good news! Overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals can breathe easy as they are now exempt from PTA taxes when registering their mobile phones. Thanks to a recently introduced temporary mobile registration service, a generous 120-day grace period is granted for device registration without incurring additional costs. This window allows easy integration with local mobile networks, ensuring a seamless mobile experience for those returning from abroad.


Getting PTA approval is a must for iPhone users who want to use SIM services on their phones. We have provided you with the PTA taxes for iPhone 12 Pro Max and other models, whether you are using your CNIC or passport. With this info, you are well-prepared to get your iPhone approved. To learn more about the approval process and how to activate SIM functionality, you can watch the video or check out the page we mentioned earlier.

In a nutshell, if you are an iPhone user looking to enjoy SIM services on your phone, PTA approval is a must. We have shown the iPhone 12 Pro Max PTA tax & taxes on other variants, whether you are using a CNIC or passport. With this information you are ready to get your iPhone approved. For a deeper dive into the approval process and activating SIM functionality, watch the video or visit the page we mentioned earlier.

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